Both Ends Burning — Orphans Day

Step Forward for Orphans Day

Both Ends Burning is creating an annual Step Forward for Orphans Day on Saturday, May 17 to celebrate the anniversary of our movement.

On May 17, 2013, Both Ends Burning together with friends and supporters from 37 states marched on Capitol Hill to advocate for every child’s right to be raised in a family.

The journey was just beginning and we would like you to join us this year in what will become a national day of recognition for kids living outside of parental care.

This year on May 17, Both Ends Burning will be “stepping forward” at major league baseball games in Boston, Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles to raise awareness and promote every child’s most basic human right to belong in a family. We will use teams of volunteers in these cities generating grass-roots activism to grow our movement.

Boston – Fenway Park – Game time 7:10 PM (ET)
Chicago – Wrigley Field – Game time 1:20 PM (CT)
St. Louis – Busch Stadium – Game time 1:15 PM (CT)
Los Angeles (Anaheim) – Angel Stadium – Game time 6:05 PM (PT)

Step Forward for Orphans Day is not limited to these 4 major league games! We are looking for your leadership and creativity in your community to help us step forward for orphans on May 17. ANY sporting event, concert, school activity, event at a house of worship, block party, or family gathering would be an excellent venue to share our message! We will do everything we can to support your efforts and connect with others across the country.

To create an event in your community, please contact Sandy Davis at sandy or call (636) 219-6760.

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