Access to Adoption Records

Who May Access Information
Citation: Alaska Code § 18.50.500

Identifying information may be accessed by:

  • The adopted person who is age 18 or older
  • The birth parent

The adoptive parent may access nonidentifying information.

Access to Nonidentifying Information
Citation: Alaska Code § 18.50.510

The State Registrar may release information regarding the birth parents at the request of an adoptive parent or an adopted person who is age 18 or older. Nonidentifying information includes:

  • The age of the birth parents at the child’s birth
  • The birth parents’ heritage, including ethnic background and Tribal membership
  • The medical history of the birth parents and blood relatives of the birth parents
  • The number of years of school completed by the birth parents when the child was born
  • The physical description of the birth parents at the child’s birth, including height, weight, and color of eyes, hair, and skin
  • The existence of other children of the birth parents
  • The religion of the birth parents
  • Whether the birth parent was alive at the time of the adoption
  • Other information provided by the birth parents for disclosure to the child, including photos and letters

Mutual Access to Identifying Information
Citation: Alaska Code § 18.50.500

The State Registrar shall disclose to a birth parent, at that parent’s request, the most current name and address of an adopted child as they appear in the State Registrar’s adoption files if the child is 18 or older and has requested in writing that the information be disclosed if ever requested by the birth parent.

Access to Original Birth Certificate
Citation: Alaska Code § 18.50.500

After receiving a request by an adopted person who is age 18 or older for the identity of a birth parent, the State Registrar shall provide the person with an uncertified copy of the person’s original birth certificate and any change in the birth parent’s name or address attached to the certificate.

An adopted person age 18 or older or a birth parent may submit to the State registrar a notice of change of name or address. The State registrar shall attach the information to the original birth certificate of the adopted person.

Where the Information Can Be Located

Bureau of Vital Statistics, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

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