Alaska Adoption – the family

Collection of Family Information About Adopted Persons and Their Birth Families

Agency or Person Preparing the Report
Citation: Alaska Stat. § 25.23.100
An investigation shall be made by the department or any other qualified agency or person designated by the court.

Contents of Report About the Adopted Person
Citation: Alaska Stat. § 25.23.100
An investigation shall inquire into the conditions and antecedents of the child sought to be adopted.

Contents of Report About the Birth Family
Citation: Alaska Stat. §§ 25.23.185; 25.23.510
Required information about the birth parents include:

  • The address of each parent named on the original birth certificate
  • The age of the birth parent on the day the adopted person was born
  • The heritage of the birth parent, including national origin, ethnic background, and Tribal membership
  • The medical histories of the birth parent and of blood relatives of the birth parent
  • The number of years of school completed by the birth parent by the day the adoptee was born
  • A physical description of the birth parent on the day the adopted person was born, including height, weight, and color of hair, eyes, and skin
  • The existence of other children of the birth parent
  • Whether the birth parent was alive at the time of adoption
  • The religion of the birth parent

When the Report Is Made
Citation: Alaska Stat. §§ 25.23.100; 25.23.185
A written report of the investigation shall be filed with the court by the investigator before the petition is heard as long as the report is filed within 30 days of the designation by the court of the department, agency, or person to make the investigation.At the time a petition for adoption is filed with the court, the agency or individual placing the person for adoption, or the petitioner, shall file with the court, for release to the State Registrar of Vital Statistics, information about the birth parents.

Exceptions for Stepparent or Relative Adoptions
Citation: Alaska Stat. § 25.23.100
Unless directed by the court, an investigation and report are not required in cases in which an agency is a party or joins in the petition for adoption, a stepparent is the petitioner, the person to be adopted is within the fourth degree of lineal or collateral consanguinity to the petitioner, or the person to be adopted is an adult.

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