Access to Adoption Records

Who May Access Information
Citation: Ann. Code §§ 9-9-504; 9-9-505

Nonidentifying information is available to:

  • The adoptive parents of the child or the child’s guardian
  • The adopted person
  • If the adopted person has died, the adopted person’s children, widow or widower, or the guardian of any child of the adopted person
  • The birth parent of the adopted person
  • Any child welfare agency having custody of the adopted person

Access to identifying information is available to the adult adopted person, the birth parents, and any person related within the second degree through the Adoption Registry.

Access to Nonidentifying Information
Citation: Ann. Code § 9-9-505

Nonidentifying information is available upon request to any person listed above. Nonidentifying information includes the health, genetic, and social history of the child.

Mutual Access to Identifying Information
Citation: Ann. Code § 9-9-504

A person eligible to register may request the disclosure of identifying information by filing an affidavit with the adoption registry that includes the following:

  • The person’s current name and address
  • Any previous name by which the applicant was known
  • The original and adopted names, if known, of the adopted person
  • The place and date of birth of the adopted person
  • The name and address of the adoption agency or other entity, organization, or person placing the adopted person, if known

The applicant shall notify the registry of any change in name or location that occurs subsequent to his or her filing the affidavit. The registry shall have no duty to search for an applicant who fails to register his or her most recent address.

The administrator of the mutual consent voluntary adoption registry shall process each affidavit in an attempt to match the adult adopted person and the birth parents or other relatives. The processing shall include research from agency records, when available, and when agency records are not available, research from court records to determine conclusively whether the applicants match.

The administrator shall determine that there is a match when the adult adopted person and a birth parent or other relative have filed affidavits with the adoption registry and have each received the required counseling.

Access to Original Birth Certificate
Citation: Ann. Code § 20-18-406

The original birth certificate is available only upon a court order or as provided by regulation.

Where the Information Can Be Located

  • Arkansas Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry
  • The licensed agency involved in the adoption

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